Fur, Feathers or Fins.......Wild Game Cook-off
Ok, you bagged it; BUT, UHH, can you cook it?​  Prove it
Come cook your best Dish   
Saturday, June 4th, 2022

The thrill of the Hunt is followed by the joy of Cooking and inviting friends over ​to ​share your bounty
​.... you know kind of a party!  

Who is...the best...wild game cook?
 Get your camp kitchen rocking; shake those pots and pans!!! 
​ Are you a great camp cook? Well, get your wildgame on!!​

​​Don't let your wild game sit in the freezer; Come on out and prove that your camp​cooking skills are the best! 
​    Bring along friends and while the judges are at work let your friends decide which 
​​dish deserves the Title of 
 ​"Taster's Choice Award" and bragging rights!

First Place in each category (Fur, Feathers or Fins), ​Tasters' Choice

​(the choice of purchased votes of tasters), and Judges' Overall Choice to be awarded!

If you'd rather just taste......
​be here at about 3:00 PM because $5.00 allows
​you to try it all and vote for your favorite dish.​​​
Click HERE to print out your entry form and competition rules.